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About Us

Mission statement:

Our specialization is foodstuffs. We are acquainted with foodstuffs and follow a quality merits CHICHINI.

To provide and distribute the safest and most palatable foodstuffs, fairly in prices, is our greatest ideal, all over the world.

Always our concern about commercial relations is long-term, and certainly will not endanger such cooperation for a cause of short-term earnings.

This is the secret of our success in the arena of production and distribution of foodstuffs, during more than fifty years.

By the grace of God, now, we are going to grantee our success more and more on the second decade of twenty- first century.

History and markets:

We, managers and staff of Nafe Gostar commercial company (private joint-stock), are proud of being successful past record of foodstuffs during more than fifty years.

We have employed all our experiment, and material and spiritual hoards to provide and distribute CHICHINI productions.

In addition to thorough knowledge of I.R.Iran market of foodstuffs, we have been succeeded on imports from China, India, Sri Lanka And Pakistan and we have exported our products to United Arab Emirates too.

BY trusting in God, we continuously are going to expand our commercial activities to all international markets.

Organizational chart:


  1. Rice
  2. Tea
  3. TomatoPaste

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